About Us


I've always loved wearing one-off items that couldn't be found or seen anywhere else. It didn't have to be especially old just unique and unintentional, I always found I was drawn to clothes from previous decades.

It was then I realised it was vintage clothing thatĀ I loved, the patterns the fabrics and especially theĀ typeĀ and graphics. Once I had been travelling I decided it was time I did somethingĀ I loved and opening my own vintage shop was now my dream.

The names inspiration and theme was transferred into the shop it self when creating the illusion of an outdoor oriental market. I wantedĀ our stores to be a visual and exciting experience, full of vintage gems. The next step was always toĀ develop our own brand drawing on the vintage typography, design features and colours that I always loved.

Alfie // Founder


Our stores are home to a vastĀ collection of stylish, hand-picked European andĀ American vintage collections. WeĀ only retail ā€˜grade Aā€™ vintage garments, with every pieceĀ stocked, hand-prepared before itĀ hits the rails.

Our Re-worked collections feature selected vintage garments re-imagined and tailored to create one-of-a kind pieces that take inspiration from contemporary fashion trends, as well as being stockists of up & coming labels, Pop Boutique & Warrior.